1. If ordering a quilt, click on the style you would like (below). All styles can be viewed on the pricing and style page.
  2. After clicking on the style, read all the information before filling out your preferences.
  3. Continue to check-out. Please note, you will only be paying a deposit according to the size you ordered.
  4. Print the deposit invoice you will receive by email.
  5. Box up your shirts. Seal all shirts in a plastic bag and include the printed invoice you just printed out.
  6. Send your shirts to: Blue Ribbon Quilt Co., 806 Indigo Village Ct, Southport, NC 28461
  7. 10 - 15 days after you send out shirts, check the received order list to see if we have received your shirts.
  8. While your quilt is in production, we do not do color or layout consultations unless we run into an issue.  We will contact you if we have questions.
  9. When your quilt is almost finished, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance. You will have the choice to either send a check or pay the balance on-line through our secure payment processing center.  We do not send photos of finished quilts.
  10. After payment is received, you will be sent a UPS tracking number to await arrival of your quilt.

Please Note: If more than one graphic is combined to make a block or shirts need to be stitched (ie., button up jerseys, dress shirts, v necks, or to build a block up to size) a minimum of $8.50 fee will be charged per block. We can only accept a MAXIMUM OF 5 SHIRTS per quilt that need to be pieced.

Photo guidelines:  Please send us .jpg or png file formats.  You can send them to  support@quiltmyshirts.com.  Please send good quality images. Also make note if they are to be individual blocks (our standard policy) or if you would like a few of them combined on one block.

Chose from our selection of styles to start your order.

We can take a variety of shirt materials to create our quilts.  Whether it is a dress shirt, a sports jersey or your favorite concert t-shirt, we can create a quilt that you will cherish for years.

16" Pillow Covers $27.50

Have extra shirts? We can make you a pillow cover to go with your quilt or individually.

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